City Slicker Farms

City Slicker Farms offers the opportunity for members of the West Oakland community to grow, share, and learn about healthy food. Their mission is to empower West Oakland community members to meet the immediate and basic need for healthy organic food for themselves and their families by creating high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens.

CASS supports City Slicker Farms’s vision for a future where West Oakland residents can grow their own food, have access to fresh, healthy food, and have the freedom and the opportunity to work towards greater food self-sufficiency. We also understand the importance of teaching this to our youth. CSF’s Youth Internship Program helps young people develop vocational, entrepreneurial, and social skills, while learning the importance of procuring their own fresh produce.

Our Neighbors

West Oakland Urban Farm and Park
The West Oakland Urban Farm and Park is a public park and working urban farm located in West Oakland, CA. The grand opening of the Farm Park was celebrated on June 11, 2016. 

Event and Gathering Space:
The space features open green space designed for public events such as exercise, outdoor movie screenings, and speaking events. The paved plaza has card table and a large community table. There are two public bathrooms on site.

Demonstration Areas:
There are in-ground farm bed, a chicken coop with 25 chickens, a compost demonstration area, and a greenhouse.