Aluminum can be recycled infinitely without loss in quality and only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum is required to remelt aluminum. We have implemented a program that combines regulatory compliance and best management practices in order to safeguard the environment while producing a quality product that goes directly back into the manufacture of new and useful commodities – never finding its way to landfill.

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Our vertical manufacturing business model gives us complete visibility of our product and proves to be a commercial advantage to trading partners.

We take end of life materials and develop them into new and usable products via a closed loop system.

Best of class equipment combined with craftsman approach to production provides unmatched customer service & superior product quality.

We made a commitment at our founding in 1969 to use zero chemicals in our manufacturing process.


CASS is a world-class producer of secondary aluminum, committed to producing a superior product and protecting the environment while being driven by customer satisfaction. CASS generates an exceptional product by employing a carefully monitored process that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements while supporting sustainable manufacturing locally.



CASS uses an environmentally friendly process to manufacture our secondary aluminum. Unlike our competitors, we do not use chlorine in any of our products. We are a London Metal Exchange registered brand and have taken the rigorous steps to obtain ISO 14001 certification as a way of controlling and minimizing our environmental impact. It took extra time and effort, but we know it's worth it.



As a London Metal Exchange registered brand, we are part of a global network of more than 500 producer brands of metal from over 55 countries.  Our products follow strict guidelines in regards to quality, grade, shape and weight which guarantees that our alloys will meet the requirements of the LME Contract for Aluminum Alloy specifications A380.1, LME226, AD12.1. 


ISO 14001

To exemplify our commitment to leading the industry to higher standards, CASS pursued a certification from an internationally recognized and accepted environmental standards management system. Our manufacturing and recycling facilities are ISO 14001 certified, which sets standards for an effective environmental management system and gives us an edge over those who are not certified. Our goal is to reduce harmful impacts of society by adopting a life-cycle approach in which end-of-life products are recycled back into raw material for new & useful products.



CASS will happily explore your requests to manufacture aluminum to your specifications. For more information on alloys, availability, delivery schedules, and pricing, please email or fill out the form below.


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