CASS is a processor of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have been servicing the domestic and international markets of the scrap metal industry for over 40 years in Oakland, CA. We are committed to being the leading ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal recycling company through our focus on customer service, quality control, & environmental stewardship. Our challenge is to be competitive in a global industry while setting best of class standards and protecting the environments in which we work and raise our families.



Steel is the most recycled material globally. Annually, more steel is recycled in the US than paper, plastic, aluminum & glass combined. CASS purchases obsolete ferrous scrap recovered from a wide range of consumer, commercial and industrial sources. This scrap material is then processed into commodity grade material and sold to domestic and export markets.



Nonferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, nickel, and zinc are among the few commodities that can be infinitely recycled. We provide an avenue for end of life materials to be responsibly recycled after its useful life so it can be reused. Our scrap is marketed to consumers who rely on our material as a competitive, environmentally suitable, and energy efficient input to manufacture brand new commodities.