Our mission is to promote a culture that values & fosters a sustainable approach to utilizing our natural resources.

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Who We Are

Let us introduce ourselves.

CASS is a processor of ferrous, non-ferrous, and high temp metals, as well as a manufacturer of secondary aluminum products located in Oakland, California.  We recycle end-of-life and post consumer metal into a product which represents the first steps of manufacturing – never finding its way to landfill. Our commitment is to reducing our environmental impact and our focus is on sustainably developing & producing 100% recycled, CHLORINE-FREE aluminum products.  Our goal is to contribute to society in all we do while promoting a culture that values and fosters a sustainable approach to utilizing natural resources.

Our Product

We believe that less is more.

We proudly operate our aluminum manufacturing facility in a closed-loop system from which we produce ZERO waste. It is our business and duty to operate sustainably and safely − for our team, our clients, and our community. We believe our manufacturing process should be as exceptional as the products we make so our process, unlike many other manufacturers, is FLUX-FREE. CHEMICAL-FREE. CHLORINE-FREE. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable without degradation to the material so it's unnecessary to add fluxes, chlorine, or any other hazardous chemicals to the process. In that spirit, we consider ourselves to be the "organic" producers of aluminum.