Flux-Free. Chemical-Free. Chlorine-Free




Chemical Free Manufacturing

We believe our manufacturing process should be as exceptional as the products we make. In that spirit, we’ve applied best practices to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of our process.


We consider the present and future implications in everything we do and as more consumers become aware of their consumption, they’ll recognize the importance and value of these extra steps for producing secondary aluminum alloys in a way that’s conscious.


Chlorine is a highly toxic and corrosive gas yet, many secondary aluminum producers use chlorine gas or chlorine containing fluxes to cut the magnesium content in aluminum.




We don’t use fluxes in the removal of magnesium and the purification of molten aluminum from oxides and hydrogen. Instead we blend down the magnesium using low-magnesium sows. This practice is more expensive but the aluminum ash generated  is free of chlorides and we get a secondary, salable by-product.




Furthermore, CASS degasses with argon, rather than nitrogen. Both are safe gases—they’re elements of the air we breathe. Argon, though at least twice as expensive, yields a superior product made in the safest, most environmentally friendly way.